Auriga Space emerged from stealth on Wednesday, 11th October, with a $5M initial funding round complete for its revolutionary electromagnetic space launch technology. Winnie Lai founded Auriga in 2022, having previously served as a VP at SpinLaunch, a startup using a spin accelerator to fling projectiles before she started her own kinetic space launch system using electromagnetism. 

The company’s launch system relies on a ground-based electromagnetic track that uses electricity to create a powerful magnetic field. The energy from the magnets accelerates a projectile down the track at screaming speeds. 

Why This Is a Game Changer 

  • Auriga is harnessing electromagnetic innovation to propel launch vehicles into space, dramatically cutting costs and expanding launch capacity. 
  • Its technology offers on-demand capabilities for commercial and government satellite operators, enhancing flexibility in launch schedules to adapt to changing circumstances. 
  • With a shift to clean space launch, Auriga is reducing the environmental impact of space exploration.

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