Xona Space Systems Inc., a cutting-edge company revolutionising satellite navigation, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the U.S. Space Force to advance a secure Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) architecture. This collaborative effort will leverage Xona's state-of-the-art PULSAR™ service, backed by a $1.2M Direct to Phase II SBIR (D2P2) contract awarded through AFWERX SBIR Open Topic.

The partnership was solidified after Xona successfully showcased the capabilities of its patented LEO PNT architecture using the "Huginn" demo satellite in late 2022. The innovative Xona PULSAR service is a commercial SATNAV solution, empowered by a constellation of small satellites strategically positioned in Low Earth Orbit. This exceptional service is tailored to provide high-performance PNT services to end users, presenting an unparalleled alternative to conventional GPS systems. Notably, Xona's satellites can be rapidly manufactured and deployed, offering global coverage while operating independently of GPS signals, ensuring remarkable SATNAV resilience and protection.

Preceding the award, Xona became the first company to launch a privately funded PNT mission progressing from concept to on-orbit in less than 12 months. Since then, Xona has not only validated the capability of their technology on-orbit but also built out a growing ecosystem of industry-leading GNSS receiver and simulator partners with companies such as Hexagon | NovAtel, Septentrio, Spirent, Safran, Syntony, and StarNav.

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