Around 29 million homes need an upgrade to their energy efficiency, with the average UK house losing heat three times faster than a property in Germany. Satellite Vu flew over Leeds in an aircraft fitted with a high-resolution thermal camera to identify buildings "leaking" heat.

In this article Sky News was given exclusive access to the test flight, as Satellite Vu scientists mapped an area of more than 115 square miles in just two hours. To map the city from street level would have taken months.

Mike Kirstein, who operates the technology on board the aircraft, said it brought the energy crisis into sharp relief. 

"We are getting insight into how people are using their energy," he said.

"You know they're being impacted by the energy crisis, the cost of energy at the moment.

Satellite Vu are preparing to launch a satellite made in Guildford on the next SpaceX launch in June. A fantastic milestone for the company. 

We are thrilled to see Satellite Vu get to this stage, as a company that came through the Seraphim Space Accelerator 2.5 years ago they are now a team of nearly 50 people with millions in pre orders for their infrared satellite imagery technology.