Yesterday’s setback will not stop the significant strides being made by the UK Space sector. Britain is looking to have a range of launch sites for multiple different launch operators across the country, and the achievements made in the run-up to yesterday - creating the first UK spaceport, defining new regulation and critical safety framework procedures for orbital launches - will further drive domestic and international investment, creating more opportunities for launch to become a regular practice in Britain. 

The UK is already a leader in satellite manufacturing and has become the market leader globally in Spacetech investment – with the London Stock Market hosting the Seraphim Space Investment Trust PLC, the first publicly listed space tech investment fund anywhere in the world. Whilst the Trust had no direct portfolio company or financial exposure to the attempted launch we sympathise with all those involved. Seraphim has invested in more satellite constellations than any other investor since 2016, with only one launch failure in over 7 years. Yesterdays unsuccessful attempted launch therefore needs to be put in context against the huge strides in reliability that the sector has made over the last decade. 

The UK Government is completely behind the sector and is looking to be bold, which includes exciting future uses for space especially in climate and sustainability applications. Rocket launch forms just one part of a wide-ranging and comprehensive space strategy that will continue to position the UK as a global leader in a fast-growing market. 

Kind Regards