We’re excited to announce Etc. at BT have backed Altitude Angel with a £5m stake in the business. The deal will allow Altitude Angel to accelerate their plans for the Skyway corridor way beyond the planned 165-miles, to thousands of miles of Skyway infrastructure connecting towns and cities as well as transport and package delivery hubs across the UK and beyond. This exciting partnership share a joint ambition to make automated commercial drone operations at scale a day-to-day reality.

The deal is a critical stepping stone in enabling Altitude Angel to scale its technology to allow long distance drone flights, supporting the potential for faster delivery of essential and non-essential items and unlocking an industry estimated to be worth £45bn by 2030*. The deal is crucial to drone innovation, supporting commercial and retail use cases, but also enabling drones to transform how essential services function – from supporting the emergency services with real-time search and rescue, fast transportation of medical supplies, farming analysis, and architectural planning. Which in-turn will allow the UK to unlock the multi-£billion drone economy.

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