We’re thrilled to announce that Seraphim portfolio company, Voyager Space, has further strengthened its space station project, Starlab. Palantir, a leader in AI and data analytics, is now on board as a strategic partner, set to become the exclusive software data management supplier for Starlab.

Strategic Partnership with Palantir

This is a big deal. Palantir will bring its cutting-edge technology to space, developing a digital twin of the Starlab station and using AI to revolutionize operations. It’s exciting for the space sector more broadly to see a major tech player like Palantir increasing its activity in space. Palantir's existing activity in space include major projects with US Space Force such as Warp Core.

International Collaboration

Starlab isn’t just a Voyager project; it’s a global effort. This joint venture brings together Voyager (US), Airbus (Europe), Mitsubishi Corp (Japan), and MDA (Canada). It’s a truly international collaboration, showcasing the best in space technology from across the globe. This structure mimics the best of the International Space Station (ISS) where space agencies have contributed the best tech from their ecosystem to support the space station.

Role of AI and Digital Twins

Palantir will develop a digital twin of the space station. Digital twins, analogous to virtual replicas of the space station will be used to support space station operations, optimizing everything from resource allocation to mission planning. Palantir’s AI will also help Starlab predict maintenance needs and spot potential issues before they become problems. Ideally, this could help keep time spent on maintenance to a minimum, ultimately freeing up astronauts for science and R&D. 


We're excited by the partnership between Voyager Space and Palantir. This collaboration is set to make Starlab a leading force in space exploration, combining credibility with cutting-edge technology. It shows the possibility of combining space heritage with innovative tech companies and we hope to see more of this collaboration in the industry.