While this article and comments from Seraphim Investment VP Lewis Jones and fellow panellists do well to highlight the challenging environment we have seen in the fundraising market for the last year, it's not all doom and gloom! 

At Seraphim, we continue to see a very healthy stream of new deal flow at the early stages, indicating continued innovation and new addressable opportunities in the sector. Our Q4 2023 Space Index continued to track a record number of deals across all stages and saw participation from new pools of capital like Sovereign Wealth Funds and crossover funds. The high-interest rate, in my opinion,  has, on the whole, been healthy for the sector as it has forced space businesses to focus not only on developing technology but also on successful commercialisation. The best space businesses are seeing this traction and raising large rounds. I look forward to speaking and working with the next iteration of founders and builders in 2024.