Seraphim Space Accelerator alumni ODIN Space has successfully demonstrated the operation of its space debris sensor technology in orbit, as part of the recent SpaceX Transporter 8 mission. The company’s demo sensor was integrated into the SSIT portfolio company D-Orbit's ION satellite and has successfully started to capture data from its surroundings.

By 2030, space debris is forecast to cost the space sector billions of dollars per year. Pieces bigger than 10cm are already tracked and can be avoided, but over 99 per cent of debris is so small that it is invisible to existing tracking technology and is extremely destructive. Currently, no technology exists to address the growing threat of sub-cm debris, ODIN Space was founded to fill that critical gap in the space sector.

The demo sensor had been calibrated to start testing at an ultra-high sensitivity so that even the smallest vibrations from the host satellite would be picked up. After over a week since the launch, the ODIN Space team, alongside D-Orbit, confirmed that acoustic data has been recorded.

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