Space logistics and orbital transportation company D-Orbit has secured four multi-million contracts under the framework of Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). D-Orbit will work alongside several Italian excellencies on multiple contracts ranging from earth observation to in-orbit servicing for a total of approximately €60 million.


1. IREDE - Europe's largest Earth observation initiative. Under the €26 million contract D-Orbit will provide one SAR (synthetic aperture radar) satellite and will manage its flight operations segment on behalf of the end-user.

2. IRIDE’s "Optical Inter Satellite Link In Orbit Verification" section; For this €6 milion contract, D-Orbit will provide its orbital transfer vehicle, ION Satellite Carrier, to test the Optical Inter-Satellite Link (OISL), a low power high performance laser communication technology applicable to fields like Earth imagery, weather forecasting, global telecommunications, and internet services.

3. In-Orbit Servicing - The first national in-orbit servicing demonstration mission; D-Orbit is also part of the consortium of companies led by Thales Alenia Space that signed a €235 million contract with ASI for the first national in-orbit servicing demonstration mission. 

4. In-Orbit Space Lab - D-Orbit won a contract of approximately €4.8 million with ASI for the In-Orbit Space Lab project, aimed at creating a laboratory in low Earth orbit with multiple assets and applications. 

These contracts represent a great opportunity for D-Orbit to collaborate with renowned and innovative Italian companies in the industry. The space sector offers a wide range of possibilities, by engaging in such contracts, D-Orbit will be able to take part in national projects that will mark historic milestones for the space sector.

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