The SpaceForce aims to improve their space domain awareness by leveraging the private sector for solutions to better analyse and process multi-source space data. They have selected 18 vendors to provide data analytics and software services to support the Space C2 program and the Warp Core data platform. This will replace SpaceForce's previous outdated systems for satellite/debris tracking and space domain awareness.

Seraphim has identified space domain awareness as one of the key sectors of the In-Space Economy. An increasing number of startups have been founded to provide data on debris, space weather, and satellite observation/classification. This surge of services has been in response to the growing need for a comprehensive understanding of the orbital environment, given the ever rising number of satellites in orbit.

Startups gathering these new datasets provide government agencies like SpaceForce the opportunity to improve their understanding of Low Earth Orbit and beyond. However, this influx of data also presents a challenge: how to unify multiple datasets into comprehensive view of the orbital environment, for actionable insights.