Pixxel, a leader in cutting-edge earth-imaging technology, today announced a $25 million Series A led by Radical Ventures, a Toronto-based firm. We are thrilled to be part of the round alongside Radical and other exciting investors including Jordan Noone, Lightspeed Partners, Blume Ventures, and Sparta LLC. The new funding enables Pixxel to expedite production of the world’s highest resolution hyperspectral satellite constellation and to offer industry AI-powered insights that discover, solve, and predict climate issues at a fraction of traditional satellite costs.

Pixxel is launching the first of its hyperspectral satellites as part of SpaceX’s upcoming April Transporter-4 mission. These earth-imaging microsatellites have 50x higher resolution than existing multispectral counterparts and unlike drone or land-based multispectral sensors, Pixxel will be able to capture data at global scale. Traditional satellite images collect data in the visible light spectrum, limiting the end use cases; hyperspectral imaging collects data across 40x more wavelengths and can be used for a myriad of applications such as monitoring methane emissions, quantifying carbon sequestration, and monitoring disease outbreaks across cropland. Pixxel’s platform unlocks a range of novel environment and sustainability use cases, offering advanced tools for agriculture, oil and gas, mining, and environmental agencies to analyse geospatial composites of the earth’s surface in real-time.

Our investment in Pixxel reflects Seraphim's increasing commitment and focus on companies that can provide the frequent and accurate data needed to create a sustainable future on earth. Pixxel sets itself apart with a novel imaging approach, making it able to retain a very high spatial and spectral resolution while using cost-effective satellites and compact satellites.