France-based Leanspace took part in our latest accelerator, Mission 8, co-founders Guillaume Tanier, CEO and Alvaro Alonso Ruiz, CCO attended our 12-week programme.

As space missions begin to require ever-increasingly complex systems to be successful, Leanspace offers a revolutionised solution providing the core software building blocks that can be tailored to the individual customers’ needs whilst significantly reducing their time and costs. 

We asked Guillaume to reflect on his time on Mission 8 and how it has enhanced his approach as the CEO and for Leanspace as a business.

What drove you to work in the space sector? 

“I wanted to be part of something big, something that will define the future of mankind. In 50 years, in 100 years, in 500 years... we will look back at the early 2000s as the moment when humanity kickstarted its journey to space. I wanted to be part of this historical moment.” 

What was your key takeaway from Mission #8? 

“How important making your story as sharp as possible. Every single detail counts! 

To convince customers, investors, business partners, future recruits... your vision must be instantly understood, like telepathy. 

SSC helped us to carve it, to have an easy, powerful, story. This made all the difference in our fundraising.” 

Which session on the programme was the highlight for you?   

“The sessions on pitch and storytelling. With several pairs of eyes and ears looking at my pitch and giving incredible feedback - sometimes conflicting, but always insightful! 

Sometimes, these exercises could even help me to better understand what my own story was.” 

Why would you recommend Seraphim Space Camp to another space tech startup?  

“Seraphim Space Camp will make you investment ready. You might think you are, but trust me, you are not. Seraphim will also give a big credibility boost within the space industry!”

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Guillaume and Alvaro during accelerator and we wish them and the rest of the Leanspace team every success in the future.

To find out more about Leanspace please visit their website here.

Applications for Mission 9 are closing in just a couple of weeks, if you would like to learn more about how to apply for our programme, please visit our accelerator page.