We are pleased to announce that building on the success of our Seraphim SpaceTech Ecosystem Map we are launching a new market map focused on smallsat constellations to showcase the incredible richness of the miniature satellites (smallsat) ecosystem that is set to revolutionise the world over the next 5 years.

The Seraphim Smallsat Constellation Map brings together the nearly 200 companies large and small from around the world that are planning to launch their own constellation of smallsats. 

The map segments the smallsat constellation market into 9 different areas reflective of the explosive growth in the different sensing modalities, data sets and types of connectivity now being delivered from Space. 

With much of the innovation in this domain being driven by start-ups, the map also focuses in on the levels of venture capital funding these young companies have raised. With $billions of VC funding invested, almost half of the companies included in the map having already raised VC funding, and one third having already reached orbit, we believe the smallsat market is now at a key inflection point.

We hope this map will help others better understand the breadth and depth of innovation occurring and to share our excitement for seeing what a profound impact these companies will have on our world over the next few years.