ICEYE made headlines last week, previewing their new product, SAR Video. Seraphim portfolio company, ICEYE, is the World's first small SAR satellite constellation. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is capable of imaging through clouds, in the day or at night, at high resolution and frequency. With already three satellites in orbit and plans to launch more throughout this year, ICEYE's small satellites have already been collecting valuable data and delivering unique insights.

On Monday, it showed 'SAR video' for the first time, that acts as an enhancement to the imagery service they are already provide. These show a collection of images obtained by 'staring' at a location for over 20 seconds to show activity of a particular site. ICEYE plan to start offering this product commercially by the end of the year, which will also include frame by frame insights that they plan to share with analysts.

We are delighted to be backing ICEYE in its mission to grow out its SAR data collection and analytics capabilities.