We have lift off! Werner Vogels VP & CTO Amazon has just announced the 10 startups we selected to take part in the first cohort of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Space Accelerator Seraphim Capital is delivering with AWS.

After an intensive selection process congratulations to these world leading Space startups: Cognitive Space, D-Orbit, Descartes Labs, Edgybees, HawkEye 360, LeoLabs, Inc., Lunar Outpost, Orbital Sidekick, Satellite Vu, and Ursa Space Systems

These companies from the United States and Europe cover a wide range of space capabilities with impact here on Earth today, as well as on humanity’s approach to working and living in space in the future. We selected them out of more than 190 proposals from 44 countries covering early-stage to growth. We're excited to be joining their rides over the next 4 weeks as they change the world! The news was picked up by Sandra Erwin at Space News.